Team Contest…The team that raises the most at the field will win!

  • For every goal scored the scorer must run and deposit a loonie into their teams jar
  • For all fouls, the player must run a loonie to the other teams jar
  • Winning teams earn $10 towards team totals
  • Italian league rule: spectators and players may bribe a ref for a pk for $10
  • Concession money: all purchases to be directed to teams money totals
  • Penalty kicks, juggling and radar contests total entered into team totals

Penalty Shot Contest

  • Free for all participants
  • Winner per group wins $50 to their team’s total

Juggling Contest (half-time)

  •  Last juggler standing per group wins $25, 2nd place gets $15, and 3rd place wins $10 toward their team’s total

Radar contest (all day)

  • $1 for 3 shots
  • Hardest shot per group wins  $50 to their team’s totals

penalty shots trev          juggling contest2          Radar challenge