Family Fun Soccer Tournament

This annual family soccer event on Tyndall turf field takes place on May 13th from 12:00-5:00 pm (check-in starting at 12:00 pm) and helps to raise awareness along with much needed funds to support Victoria Hospice. We have an 12-team, round robin tournament and various other events including penalty shot, radar machine and juggling contests.

Types of Registration

  • U8-U10: minimum $25 in pledges
  • U11-U13: minimum $50 in pledges
  • U14-U16: minimum $50 in pledges
  • U17-Adult: minimum $75 in pledges
  • Two or more family members: minimum $100 in pledges per family

Teams and Groups

  • Each team will consist of 4 groups of 8 players each (32 players per team)
  • Groups are divided by age: (1) U8-U10 , (2) U11-U13, (3) U14-16, and (4) U17-adult
  • Games are 8v8 and teams will play seven, 20 minutes long games, with each group playing for 5 minutes per game
  • The score of each game will be a running score-line of the 4 groups combined
  • Teams will have a guest coach


  • Every player must bring two twoonies
  • General FIFA rules
  • Kick-ins on the side must be on the ground, no throw-ins
  • Goalies must throw, roll or place ball on the ground, no punting
  • No offsides


There will be something for everyone to enjoy.  Check out the Contest page for details